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To A.C or Not to A.C….that is NOT the question (and never should be)!

This week the title says it all.

I am weary, I am rugged, I am battle-worn. I am…


Just kidding. What I really am is very sweaty! I’ve been engaged in a three-month-long war with my air conditioning unit and building management. It all began several months ago when the AC started smelling kinda funny. Maintenance inspected for mold…fortunately, no mold was found! They replaced the filter, and voila! The air was once again beauteously scent free. Then…the problems started.

One (very humid) and fateful Friday, and nope, it wasn’t the 13th - the A.C. decided it had had about enough of my attitude and stopped cooling! This is a problem for several reasons, A.) Because it’s Miami. B.) Because it’s Miami and C.) Did I mention I live in Miami? Also, the unit sounds 6 very distinct and piercing clicks on loop as an indicator for an error, which proved to be very annoying in my booth studio sessions, even when the unit was off!

Last I checked, it's July 17th, and the grueling battle continues, making my very fortified booth (thanks!) a professional, but very humid environment. Thankfully I’m well equipped with supposedly the VO world’s most quiet fan, the OPolar. It’s this lovely little quiet USB fan that fits in my very tiny 3 ft x 4 ft booth. This little fan has not only become my booth favorite, but my loyal travel companion when the AC takes off for work for the day. Thanks to for the excellent YouTube recommendation. Here’s the product link if you’re curious (it doesn’t appear to be on Amazon anymore, sad).

Despite the AC battle that I’m sure will be one for the books, it’s been a busy week here in the world of Aria’s Voice! Since last blog, I’ve launched my business LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages! Generating content, followings, and all other social media fun has been a relatively new but exciting journey for this VO gal. I’ve found it to be a freeing and qualifying experience separating the business and brand from the personal shenanigans; not that I don’t want potential clients seeing beach pictures, but I probably really don’t want potential clients seeing beach pictures.

The commencement of the online branding and marketing has also opened up so many doors for networking with fellow VOAs. I truly didn’t realize how accessible just about every VOA is out there, from beginner to seasoned veteran! I felt like a kid in a candy store pressing that “Connect” button!

Aside from marketing, I booked my first paying gig - a milestone goal of mine since my commercial demo was produced! Submitting invoice #00001 was a giddy feeling like none other. I was so happy I could sing (which I in fact, did, so stay tuned for that update - there may be a cover headed your way in the near future)!

From where I was deciding which path to take, which college to attend, and where life would lead me, I could have never imagined the journey that has lead up to the present moment, and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.

And before I say “‘till next week!” congratulations to all One Voice Awards nominees! So well deserved and what an exciting moment for you all!

'Till next week, reader!

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